Guide for a new User

1. Login
  • Once your employer has added you to the employee group, they will automatically create an account for you in Stebby. A letter will be sent to your e-mail address. Follow the steps in the e-mail until you are able to log in.
  • You can create an account by yourself at and later log in at
2. When logged in, please fill in the contact information in the "Settings" view. The most important are your valid e-mail address, personal identification number and name. In the "Settings" view, you can also change the system's communication language, link your personal bank account to your Stebby account, and set which notifications you want to receive.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to change your username and password?
  • You can change your username in your Stebby account from the "Settings" - "Edit Profile" view. Your username is your email address.
  • You can change your password in your Stebby account from the "Settings" - "Security" view.
I created a Stebby account myself. How do I join my business group to receive compensation?
  • In your account, insert your company's group name in the search bar. If you see your company's name in the options, click on it. If you do not see it, the employer has hidden the group from the search and must add you as an employee.
  • While in the company profile, click on the "Join Group" button on the left. Your employer will be notified that you want to join the group and will now need to approve the request.
How can I use the compensation in my Stebby account?
  • You can use your compensation with service providers whose services have been compensated to you by your employer. Before using the service for the first time, read the information on the Service provider's Stebby profile.
  • NB! The compensated categories are set by the employer in the Stebby environment. If your company only compensates tax exemption services, your account will have a corresponding entry next to the text "Compensated categories" in the menu on the left.
How do I find the right service provider for me?
  • You can find service providers by logging in to the system and inserting the appropriate keyword to the search bar from the top of the page. You can view the catalog by clicking on the search bar's magnifying glass.
What if the desired service provider is not listed?
  • Send a letter to our customer support and we will send an invitation to the service provider to join our environment!
How long is the ticket purchased valid?
  • You can see the validity period of the ticket at the time of ticket purchase, after clicking "Buy ticket" and after the purchase in the "Tickets" view in your account. You can also see the ticket validity period in the Ticket confirmation letter sent to your e-mail address.
  • Only the Service Provider has the possibility to extend the ticket!
  • The ticket must be used before it expires!
What is a personal account and why use it?
You can add money to your personal account yourself in order to: 
  • pay the amount in excess of the compensation promptly
  • buy services that are not compensated for you
  • pay the missing amount if the company's compensation has run out.
  • Unlike sports compensation, unused money in your personal account does not expire.
  • The compensation account may change as the job may change, but the personal Stebby account is permanent.
How long do I have the right to return the purchased Ticket?
  • According to the Consumer Protection Precepts, the consumer has the right to return the ticket within 14 days after purchase.
  • Only unused and valid Tickets can be returned! Expired Tickets cannot be returned.
  • To cancel the ticket, contact our customer support.
How can I add money to my personal account?
  • You can add money by clicking the "Add money" button on the left side of your Stebby account. By clicking on it, it is possible to pay with a bank link and, if desired, also through the bank.
  • The reference number displayed in this view plays an important role when paying through a bank. When you add money to your personal account, you must ALWAYS include the reference number on your Stebby account.
  • Use our LHV account when paying through the bank.
Can I buy Services / Tickets for a friend / family member with money in my personal account?
  • The company compensates sports and health expenses primarily for its employees. If the company also wants to compensate the sports and health expenses of the employee's family members, the company must make accounts for the employee's family members!
  • The Service Providers are obliged to check whether the personal identification code of the person who purchased the Service coincides with the personal identification code of the person using the Service.
If I am deleted from a company group, will my personal account remain? What happens to my Tickets?
  • Your Stebby account remains! You can still use your personal Stebby account and add money to your account to purchase the Services.
  • All previously purchased Tickets remain valid until the expiration date!
  • Account login credentials (email address, password) will remain the same! If you used a business email address, we recommend that you change it so that important emails continue to reach you.
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