How to choose and change the Service Provider account's Package?

The Service Provider's Package can be selected or changed in the Service Provider's account "Settings" - "Package" view.

In this view, you can see brief information about different packages and below it you can also see the Package that is currently applied to your Service Provider's account. You can read more about Packages HERE.
Each Package has its own marketing opportunities and different ways to improve the Service Provider's profile, therefore the corresponding withdrawal service fee rates also apply to the Packages (except for the free Starter Package). The service fee is deducted automatically at the time of withdrawal.
Modifying a Package
If you want to select a higher Package - the Package will be changed automatically after selecting the appropriate Package. It is a prerequisite that you have made a withdrawal before the Package change and that your Service Provider account balance is zero.
If you want to choose a lower Package - the Package will be changed within a maximum of 30 days after selecting the appropriate Package and an automatic withdrawal will be made corresponding to the current Package's service fee rate. We will apply the Package change manually.
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