How to manage services if there's multiple points of sale?

The services can be managed at different points of sale in the Service Provider's account.

Services of one point of sale can be managed by going to the "Sales and services" - "Points of sale" view and selecting  "Change point of sale" at the appropriate point of sale. Then click "Manage Point of Sale Services". You will now see all the Services and also see their sales settings at that point of sale. If necessary, you can immediately change the related Service. If you do not want a Service to be available at a particular point of sale, you can turn off the "Available at point of sale" button next to the Service in this view.

If you want to manage one Service between different points of sale, go to the "Sales and Services" view and click on the appropriate Service. Then click  "Manage Point of Sale Services." Now you can see at which points of sale the Service is for sale and, if necessary, you can change the settings of this Service in different points of sale.

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