Personal account vs compensation account

Each Stebby account can consist of two parts: a personal account and a compensation account.

In Stebby, each Regular User has a personal account, i.e an account where you can upload your personal money and purchase the Services at your own discretion, regardless of the category. When you have added personal money to your Stebby account, you can pay for the Services quickly if you are not offered compensation, if the compensation offered by the company has run out or if the price of the Service exceeds the amount of compensation offered by the company.

The money in the personal account does not expire and does not have any restrictions.

If the company you work at offers you compensation, you also have a compensation account. This account is associated with the company and the company will provide you a compensation if the company has activated a compensation plan for you. The amount of compensation and the period for which the compensation is used are determined by the company.

On your Stebby account, in the menu on the left, you will see the account balance as the sum of two different account balances, as well as the personal account balance and the amount of compensation offered by the company and the compensation plan settings.

NB! The balance of your compensation account may change, when your job changes. Your personal Stebby account is permanent.

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