Stebby's Customer Support

Stebby offers support by e-mail at on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00 and in the chat on working days from 9.00 to 16.00.

It is our pleasure to address the concerns of Users, Service Providers and Employers and to provide detailed and high-quality answers, which is why we have decided to not provide telephone support.

There are several reasons to direct our customers to the web:

  • A faster way to find a solution to the problem by checking your account balance and transactions.
  • Often, additional information is needed to find a solution and understand the user, such as a screenshot of your screen or a payment order. In this way, it is possible to pay attention to a specific stage / place where the problem arises, and we can provide the necessary screenshots, explanatory videos and instructions for the solution.
  • Opportunity to find a solution to your problem faster by asking the participants in the process for more information in-house, from the service provider or the employer, without having to call you back or put the call on hold.
  • The main advantage of online support is the access to your previous inquiries, so we know your background and you do not need to repeat your questions.
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