How can I add employees?

Employees can be added / removed from the company's Stebby account in the "Employees" view.

Adding employees to the Stebby group

Employees can be added one at a time or imported as an Excel file all together.

To add employees with Excel:

  • In the "Employees" view, click the "Import from file" button
  • You can then download a sample file from the view that appears. Once the sample file is complete, you can upload the file filled out with your employees to the same view

The compensation plan is attached to the imported workers if the "Default compensation plan" setting is enabled on the compensation plan. This can be checked / changed in the "Compensations" - "Change plan" view.

Add employees one by one:

  • In the "Employees" view, click the "Add New Employee" button
  • Fill in the required fields and, if there is a compensation plan, attach the compensation plan to the employee

The employee has a previous Stebby account vs. an account is created for the employee when they are added to the group

  • If an employee goes to the "Invited Employees" view and their invitation status is "Pending", it means that the employee has received an invitation to join the company in their existing (already created) Stebby account and must accept the invitation in their account to be a member of the group.
  • If the employee has not previously created an account in the Stebby environment, an e-mail will be sent to his / her e-mail address when the employee is added to the group. By clicking on the activation link, the employee can enter the password he / she wants to use to log in in the future.

Removal of employees from the Stebby group

Click on the employee and then on the colored line " Remove" from the top.

  • "Remove now" - press this to remove the employee from the group immediately.
  • "Set removal date" - press this if you want the employee to lose the group member's rights on a certain date (good to use if the removal date falls on a weekend / holiday).

If an employee has unused sports compensation in Stebby's account at the time of removal, it will not remain in his or her Stebby account upon removal from the group. Only the amount that he / she has transferred to his Stebby account remains in the employee's account.

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