How to use the Training Diary in Stebby?

Filling a training diary gives you a good overview of your activity and completed workouts. In addition, the training diary calculates points for trainings in each sport so that you can actively compete with your colleagues.

You can access the training diary in the "Training" view on your Stebby account.

You can then enter the date of the training, select the sport performed in he "Category" drop-down menu and add details of the training as required in the "Comment" box. In addition, you can specify the training time and/or distance.

If you have pictures of the exercise or statistics about it, then you can upload them together with the exercise using the "Select file" button below.

The last thing you can do is to set the training intensity and decide whether you would like the training to be visible on your public Stebby profile. If so, please activate the "Training is public" button. 

Click "Add a new workout" and you will see it right at the bottom of the page with your previous workouts.

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