How to activate API and add/change the codes of the service in Stebby?

The API key allows you to integrate Stebby's cash register with third-party cash register systems. For example: Mobi, Noom, CompuCash. Usage of API is only available in the Standard and Gold package.

The API key can be activated in the Service Provider's account in the "Sales and services" - "Points of sale" view by selecting "Change point of sale" at the appropriate point of sale and scrolling down to the corresponding button.

For Service Providers who have the Standard or Gold package, generating an API key is free and can be activated yourself.  The Starter package does not support the usage of API.

After activating the API key, the  "Show key" button will appear, clicking on which the API key code of your point of sale will be displayed.

The technical guide for the cash register system technician can be found HERE.

Once the interface is done, service codes must be added to the Services for sale in the Stebby environment. The codes are provided by your checkout system. You can add service codes in the "Manage Point of Sale Services" view.

  • Enter the service code from your checkout system in the "API code" field of the appropriate Service line.
  • Make sure there is no space in front of or behind the number!
  • Once the codes have been added, you can sell the Services from your checkout system according to the stored numbers
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