In Stebby, the services offered by the Service Providers are divided into eighteen categories upon which Service Providers can group their services and Employers configure their compensation plans.

Trainings: all services that promote activity

  • Sport (gym memberships, swimming, yoga)
  • Active lifestyle (leisure sports like bowling, carting and billiards)

Recovery: massages, sauna, spa tickets, physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Spa

Events: live sports events

Wellness consulting: training and dietary consultation, training and nutrition plans

Health insurance: health insurance contract payments

Medical services: psychologist consultation, doctor's appointment, health check-ups

  • Medical services
  • Tests
  • Optical
  • Dental
  • Mental health

Wellness goods: training equipment, food supplements

Other: services that do not fit the categories above

  • Entertainment (Dog sledding, skydiving, poker night)
  • Beauty
  • Maternity
  • Other

Tax exempt services can be found under Trainings (sports clubs, dance trainings etc), Active lifestyle, Physiotherapy, Spa (only services that include sports facilities), Wellness Consulting (training plans), Health insurance, Medical services and Mental health (clinical psychologist).

Please note that not all services in the mentioned tax exempt categories are tax-free! You can read more about the tax law from HERE.

Once you have transferred money to your personal Stebby account, you can purchase services from all categories, with your personal money.

Employers can add compensation to their employees on Stebby. Compensation can be used to purchase services that are in accordance with the compensation plan set up by the Employer. The employer determines which categories will be made available.

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