How can I create a compensation plan?

A compensation plan can be created / modified in the company's Stebby account in the "Compensations" view.

Creating a compensation plan

You can create your own compensation plan or use the template of the monthly or quarterly compensation plan we provide. If you want to create a compensation plan yourself, select " Create a compensation plan" at the top of the page.

Fill in the compensation plan settings with the options you want

  • You can choose the name of the compensation plan, set the period and the amount that the employee will receive to their Stebby account for that period.
  • Compensation rate - what is the percentage of compensated services (at a rate of 50% for a service costing 10 euros, 5 euros of the company's compensation will be used and 5 euros will be paid by the employee themselves)
  • Compensation type - if you wish to provide periodical compensation to your employees (monthly or quarterly), choose Limited as the compensation type. If you however wish for your employees to have no certain period of compensation with no usage limits, choose the Unlimited compensation type.
  • "Next compensation" - Indicate when you want the compensation to be added to the employee's account. The set period starts from the date you set the plan!
  • "Default compensation plan" - choose if this plan applies automatically to a newly added employee

The middle column defines the categories of services that employees can acquire with the compensation provided by the company:

  • If you want employees to purchase only tax exemption services for compensation, please be sure to select the "Allow to buy tax exemption services only" option. You can read more about the tax exemption services on the Tax and Customs Board website or in our compiled guide.
  • If you check "Allow to buy tax exemption services only" and leave the boxes checked for all categories, employees will be able to purchase services from all categories, but the service can only be bought if it is tax-exempt.
  • If you want employees to be able to submit receipts, check the "Submit receipts" option.

In the right-hand column, it is possible to set whether the compensation for the new period is added to the existing compensation amount or if the remaining compensation expires before the next period.

Setting:  "The account balance is raised to the level of the compensation amount at the beginning of the period".
For example, if an employee's compensation per month is 30 euros and he or she spends only 10 euros of it, the next month's account balance will be 30 euros again.

Setting:  "The amount of compensation is added to the previous account balance".
For example, if the employee's compensation per month is 30 euros and he spends only 10 euros of it, then the following month his account balance will be 50 euros (20 + 30 = 50).

Modification of the compensation plan

In the "Compensations" view, select the compensation plan you want to change and click  "Change plan".
In the compensation plan view, you can change the settings of the plan or delete the compensation plan if needed ("Delete compensation plan" in the bottom left corner of the page).

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