How to add money to the company’s account and set the advance payment invoice to the company’s email?

You can add money to your Stebby account while beingin the company's Stebby account, in the "Finances" view.

Click on the "Add money" button in the left column.In the "Insert amount" box, enter the amount for which you'd like to prepay. In the "Email proforma" box add the e-mail to which the advance payment invoice will be sent.

If the company wants to pay directly through the bank link and without an invoice, then there is a possibility and the system generates a system receipt for the amount paid. To do this, click on "Or use Instant payment" in the same view.

NB! Advance payment invoices will only be registered by Stebby once the invoice has actually been paid. Figuratively speaking, a company can order as many invoices as it wants.

How to set up a form of payment?

The payment method can also be set in the company's Stebby account in the "Finances" - "Add money" view.In this view, you'll see "Payment method" in the left column. Click on the entry next to it to see which payment method is currently selected for your business.In this view, it is possible to choose whether the system will send you new proforma invoices based on the receipt of the invoice with automatic calculations, or set your own limits. The most common option is "Personal Responsibility".

  • Top field: The amount that your company's account balance can reach when your business receives an automatic advance payment invoice.
  • Bottom field: The amount by which a new automatic advance payment invoice will be issued.

Example: If you chosen the personal responsibility option and have entered in the top box 100 and bottom box 190, in this example a advance payment invoice in the amount of 190 euros will be sent to the company's e-mail address when the company's account balance reaches 100 euros.

What if I received the wrong advance payment invoice?

If you received or ordered the wrong amount of the advance payment invoice, you don't have to worry, because we will only register the proforma invoices sent once you have actually paid for the invoice. Figuratively speaking, you can order as many proforma invoices as you like.

Payment of advance payment invoices is important if the company's account balance is less than the total compensation of employees + service fee. If there are not enough free funds in Stebby's account, employees will have limited use of compensation. Employee accounts have received compensation with automatic recharging, not real money.

The calculations for first prepayment

We recommend you to calculate maximum possible expense per month or quarter when making the first prepayment.The formula for the calculation:

  • Number of employees service fee (VAT includednumber of employees compensation sum.

Then you'll have the maximum amount of credit necessary for all the employees to use 100% of their compensation.

If you prefer to use quarterly compensation plan multiply the service fee sum by three months:

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