How can I join my company's group in Stebby?

When you are logged in to your Stebby account, you can search for your company group and send a request to join. To do this, go to your personal Stebby account view and use the search bar on the left sidebar:

NB! If the company name does not appear in the search, then the company has hidden itself from the search and you need to contact your employer to make themselves visible in the search or to add you to the company group.

Once you have clicked on the company name in the search, you will see the company's profile and you can click on the "Join Group" button on the left. The administrator of the company's Stebby account will then receive a notification to the email address and in their Stebby account's notifications. After accepting the request to join, you are an employee of the company group and the account administrator can add a compensation plan and compensation to your Stebby account.

If your employer has not joined Stebby, give us the contact details of your company's staff and we will take care of everything else by ourselves. If this situation occurs, please let our customer support know.

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