What to do after purchasing a ticket from Stebby?

If you bought a Ticket from Stebby, the amount of the ticket will not reach the Service Provider immediately. For the Service Provider to get the amount, you need to contact the Service Provider and notify him/her of your purchase. In reality, the Service Provider can mark the Ticket as "Used" only after you have booked the time to receive the Service or when you have received the Service.

If you purchase the Service from the Service Provider's Stebby page, please read the information on the Service Provider's page!

Service Providers will write on their Stebby page how to proceed after purchasing a Ticket (what information must be provided by e-mail, whether time must be booked or can be done on site, etc.). If the Service Provider has not added additional information to their page, then you can go to the Service Provider's location with the Ticket you purchased and after showing your personal identification document, the Service will be provided to you.  To avoid confusion later, you can notify the Service Provider immediately after purchasing the Ticket. Add the name of the service, your name and also the Ticket code to the letter.

You can find the contact of the Service Provider on his/her Stebby page on the left side of the page. The Ticket code will be displayed to you in the window that opens after purchasing the Ticket, and also in the "Tickets" view in your account. Additionally, the Ticket code will be sent to you by e-mail with a confirmation letter after the purchase.

Please check how long your Ticket is valid and be sure to use it before the expiration date! Tickets that are expired cannot be used.

If you bought a ticket for an Event, please refer to the guide HERE on how to proceed.

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