How to register to an event?

Choosing an event
Event Organizers offer Stebby users a variety of wellness and sports events that can be found in the Stebby catalog. Most of the sports events are also tax exempted.

Registration process
Registering to an event consists of the following steps: choosing an event (sometimes also a sub-event), selecting an appropriate ticket and entering data in the event registration form and making the payment.

NB! Before making a registration, please read the information on the Event Organizer’s page in Stebby and you might also like to refer to Event Organizer’s external webpage for more information.

Viewing registrations
After the payment is processed, users can see their event ticket purchase transactions under the “Transactions” view. Event registrations can also be found on the personal Stebby account's "Events" view. If the user has allowed email notifications, they will also receive the confirmation on their email.

NB! If the Event Organizer uses multiple registration platforms together with Stebby then  it may take some time until the registration is displayed on the other platform(s).

The Event Organizer receives the registration information and money for the ticket immediately after the purchase and the user does not need to inform the event organizer about their registration. 

Ticket validity and returning a ticket
Event tickets are valid only for the event they were purchased for. 

Refunding policy for events is set by the Event Organizer and must be available for the users in the Stebby system or on the Event Organizer’s external webpage. If the Event Organizer cancellation policy allows the return of funds, contact Stebby at

The event is canceled or significantly changed
In case an event is canceled or significantly changed, the Event Organizer will contact the registered users. The user may be eligible for a refund depending on the policy set by the Event Organizer.

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