How to create ticket templates and sets?

Ticket set is a group of ticket templates combined under a common name. A ticket template is a ticket with universal characteristics that can be used for multiple events.

For example if an Event Organizer has similar events each week, then they can create ticket templates "Adult" and "Senior" and combine those into a ticket set "Weekly event". This set can be assigned to each of the weekly events without the need to create new tickets each time.

1. Creating ticket templates

  • To create a ticket template go to the "Event" - "Templates" view and click "Create template". Enter ticket template name, template price and Stebby price. If you want to make the templates open for use in ticket sets, allow toggle buttons "Ticket is active" and "Registration is open".
    "Purchasable from" and "Purchasable until" allow you to choose and enter general rules for the period when the tickets are sold in relation to the event that they are later assigned to. Enter a desired period and click "Create template".

2. Creating ticket sets

  • To create a set, click on the button "Create set" and enter a name. Select the set from the dropdown menu "Currently available sets" and then tick the boxes in front of the ticket templates you wish to save into the ticket set. In the end click the button "Save selected templates to set". Now you are ready to use the set on your events.

3. Adding tickets to an event from a set

  • Go to the "Events" view and click on "Tickets" on your desired event which takes you to the list of all the tickets currently available for the event. To apply a previously created ticket set, press "Apply from set" and then choose the ticket set and the event you want to apply the tickets to. To confirm, press "Apply set to selected event".

What happens if I change a ticket template or set?

After you have assigned the ticket set to an event, changes made to the sets and/or templates in the "Template" view do not alter the tickets already assigned to events.

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