How to add an event?

Events can be added in the Event Organizer's Stebby account in the "Events" view by clicking on the "Add new event" button.

1. Enter the details of the event including name, category, general information, short description. Choose the point of sale used and enter the Event URL to an external website. You can also enter an event-specific e-mail address and a phone number.Lastly, choose whether it is a single event or whether the event has different sports, distances and categories, ie. it's a multi-sub event. If the event is a multi-sub event, many of the following steps are taken after creating the sub-events.

2. Mark the location of the event as accurately as possible by writing location date. You may specify the location by marking the pin in the exact location on the map. For virtual events, tick the box for virtual events.

3. Enter the time information (date and the exact beginning and end of the event). If the event is a multi-sub event, then you can choose specific dates for the sub-events after creating the sub-events.

4. If necessary, turn on the registration form. When you turn on this button, you can check the different fields that you want people to fill in when registering to an event.

NB! If the registration form is not activated, you will only receive the names of the registered users.

5. Choose whether your event is tax exempted. Pursuant to the Tax and Customs Board Tax Exemption Act, all public sports events are tax-free. If your event falls under this description, mark your event as tax-free, which means you need to enable the "Tax exempted in Estonia" button.

NB! You can only tick this box if you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions! You can do this in the "Settings" - "Terms & Conditions" view.

6. If your event belongs to an event series, select the series from the drop down menu. Events can be connected to event series also after creating the event.

After clicking Create the event, Event Organizer is given the option to add the tickets. Tickets can either be added manually or from a previously created ticket set. Tickets can also be added later.

NB! Without tickets, the event is not open for registration!

7. Add tickets to the event.

7.1 If the ticket is added manually:

  • Add the name of the ticket, the price of the ticket and the duration in which Users can buy the ticket. If you want sell the registrations in Stebby at a discounted price, set it in the "Stebby price" box. Setting a discount price is not mandatory.
  • Select the event (and sub-event if applicable) to which this ticket will be associated with.
  • "Ticket is active" - enabling this button makes the ticket visible to Users. After turning it on, you can specify from which date the ticket can be purchased and until what date it can be purchased.
  • "Registration is open" - when this button is enabled, then Users can register for your event.
  • "Limited number of tickets" - if there are a limited number of participants for the event, enable this button and set the number.

7.2 If the ticket is added from a ticket set:

  • Select the ticket set name that you want to use.
  • Select an event name that you want to apply the tickets to.

To use tickets from a set, a ticket set needs to be created beforehand.

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