How can I see the registered participants?

You can see the registered users of your events in the  "Events" - "Registrations" view in the Event Organizer's Stebby account.

In this view, registrations from all of your events are displayed together with the information that you have requested to be filled in on the registration form.

You can view all the events or filter them by choosing the appropriate event from the  "Currently showing" filter. Also, you can choose the columns you wish to display from the "Show columns" filter or search registrations by name, label, balance etc. from the search box.

Additional options for sorting the registrations are available in the column header rows: sorting the columns by clicking on the header or by writing keywords in the search boxes.

If you do not see the names of the participants in the Registrations view, please check your event  settings again and make sure that the registration form is activated! In case the form is not activated, registered users' names are visible only after the registration data is exported.

Registration data related to a specific event can be downloaded as an Excel file by clicking the  Export button. If you have multiple events, choose an event from the "Currently showing" filter and click on the Export button.

NB! In case you have activated the registration form and turned on the toggle button "Send registration data to Event Organizer's email" while creating the event, then you will receive registration data as an Excel file at the end of ticket sale.

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