How to make my event stand out in Stebby?

There are various ways to make your event visible and attractive in Stebby. This article covers some of the ways that let your Event stand out in the Stebby system among others. This article does not cover what events to organize or how to organize them.

  1. Stebby packages have the biggest influence in terms of Event visibility and search. The higher the package, the higher the Event appears in search results among other events. For example, events in the Gold package are always before events in the Standard package, events in Standard are before the events in Starter and so on.
  2. Add a profile picture and cover photo to your account that helps users to understand what your event is about. You can do this by moving the cursor over the profile picture or cover photo and pressing "Change avatar” or "Change cover"

    You can upload a cover photo to each event separately or you can just add a universal cover photo to your account which will then be used to illustrate you account and all of your events. To upload a cover photo to an event, go to "Events"-"Events" view, then click on "View as customer" and then click on the uppermost right corner of the cover image on "Change cover" and follow the instructions. To choose a universal image to your account, click on the uppermost right corner on the cover image in whatever view (except for the "View as customer") and follow the instructions. Size of the event cover image is 1020x300 px.

  3. Add information about your Event in the General information and Short description fields while you set up your event. This affects both the users’ perception of your event and your event searchability. 

    Information given in the “General information” field appears in the system where longer texts are supported and “Short description” is shown where there is less room for information (for example in the Stebby App).

  4. The keywords set on your Event Organizers account also play an important role on how well your events show up in search. Think about which keywords describe your Events best and which keywords your participants might search for. You can add keywords by going to your Event Organizers account's "Sales & Services" - "Points and sale" view and clicking on the "Edit POS" button. In the "Point of sale description" field you can enter the keywords you find appropriate. Users will see these keywords in your Event Organizer’s account's public view.
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