Single event, multi-sub event, event series. What to use and when?

Stebby allows event organizers to choose from 3 different types of events during event creation: single events,  multi-sub events and event series. Each of these event types has its own purpose described in this article. 

Single event and multi-sub event options can be chosen while adding a new event in the “Events - Events” view; event series can be created in the view “Event - Series”.

Single events are the most commonly used option for events and meant for events with a simple structure and a short length. In case of sports events, these are usually events with one distance or where participants are split by competition class or other similar parameters; or by different tickets. Simple events suit also well for wellness events or other types of sports activities.

Sample events: 

  • A running race where all participants cover 5 km. Participants are divided into age categories. Only a couple of different ticket types are available: youngsters, adults, seniors.
  • A yoga event where all participants take part in the same activity and a single ticket type is available.
  • A hiking event where participants participate in the same activities and two different tickets are available - participation and a combined ticket of participation + hiking gear rental.

NB! Single events shall not be used for long events/full season where each event is sold as a separate ticket, a ticket is not connected to a specific event or any other. 

Multi-sub events are for events with a more complex structure where participants are competing on a variety of distances, different sports, the event is split into different sub-events taking place on separate days, etc. 

Sample events: 

  • A weekend of running races with 5 km, 10 km and a marathon taking place over separate days. Each distance is a sub event having a separate registration form and separate tickets.

NB! Multi-sub events shall not be used for events covering a full season where sub-events represent actual single events. In case of seasons or very long events, use event series.

Event series can be used to combine many different single or multi-sub events under one event series/one season, i.e. having a longer length. 

Sample event series:

  • A series of five skiing events over five weeks. Each of the five events is created as a single event and combined into an event series in the view “Events - Series”.

NB! Event series are currently mainly a statistical tool for the event organizer with little added functionality; for the users, event series become useful in the Stebby application where users are suggested upcoming events from a series they have already registered to.

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