Why won't I receive the personal information of the customer and can I get to know who bought the ticket?

Stebby respects the privacy of its Users' and the correct handling of data.
Therefore, information letters will not be issued to the Service Provider, which contain the personal data of the User who purchased the Ticket in advance, which are: name, personal identification code and ticket code.

It is important for the Stebby team that your Service Provider's profile clearly shows how the User should act after purchasing a pre-purchased Ticket. In order to direct the User to contact you after purchasing the Ticket and to book an appointment to use the service, we recommend the following:

  • Select "Sales & services" - "Points of sale" in the Service Provider's account
  • Click the "Change point of sale" button next to the appropriate point of sale
  • Add the following information to the "General Information" section: After purchasing a ticket from Stebby, send the ticket code to the e-mail address: * Your e-mail address *

This is necessary in order to direct the User to contact you and book an appointment of the Service after purchasing the Ticket. You can then ask for the information you need, such as their name, personal identification number or ticket code. The data is necessary to mark the Ticket used, i.e to transfer the Ticket purchase money to the account of your Service Provider.

If you have already written the necessary information to your Service Provider's account, how the User should behave after purchasing the Ticket, nothing will change for you. If you still have problems with Users who do not contact you in time, we recommend that you include this information in the description of the Services group.

The Service Provider's account shows all pre-purchased Tickets in the  "Sales & Services" - "Active Tickets" view, but does not display User Data. In this view you can see how many Tickets have been purchased in advance and how long they are valid.

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