How to add and edit Services and Service groups?

Add and edit a Service group

Service groups can be added and changed in the Service Provider's account in the "Sales & Services" - "Service groups" view.

NB! It is possible to arrange the Service groups in a different order later on. Read more about it at the bottom of this guide.

1. Add the name of the Service group

  • For example: Classical massage; Group training, etc.
  • The group includes Services regarding duration (30 minutes) or content (trainee, 1x pass, 5x card, etc.).

2. Assign a category to the Service group from the drop-down menu

  • The employer has the right to choose which categories of employees are compensated. If you are not sure which category the Service group belongs to, please contact our customer support.

3. If your company is subject to VAT, enter the percentage of VAT in the "VAT (%)" box

4. Depending on the content of the Services group, determine based on the law, whether the Services are tax-exempt or not.

  • However, if you have questions whether your Service is tax-exempt or not or you are just not sure about it, please contact the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and let us know.

5. Add a description of the Services group

  • Brief and informative description of the group of Services. For example: "Massage of the back, back and shoulders".

6. Pre-booking obligation

  • Activation of the button means that the Service Provider needs a prior reservation by the User, for example by calling, e-mailing or registering on a reservation platform. It is the responsibility of the Service Provider to make sure that the data provided by them on their Stebby Service Provider page is correct and the User can use it to contact the Service Provider.
  • You can add the pre-booking guide in the "General information" section of the Point of Sale settings.

Adding and modifying services

Services can be added and changed in the Service Provider's account in the "Sales & Services" - "Services" view.

NB! It is possible to rank the Services in a different way later. Read more at the bottom of the guide.

1. Add a Service name

  • For example: 30 minutes; 1x access; Trainee, etc.

2. Add a price to the Service

  • The normal price is the price valid for the Service and if you want to sell the product in Stebby at a discounted price, set it in the "Stebby price" box. Setting a discount price is not mandatory.

3. Select a Service group

  • Select the previously created “Service group” under which the Service to be created is defined (Example: the “30 minutes”, “1x access” Service, etc. is defined under the “Classical massage” Service group).
  • The settings of the selected Service group also apply to the Service to be created (Service category, tax exemption, VAT rate and description).

4. Turn on the "Users can find the service on the platform" button

  • By activating, the Service can be found in our environment by Users.
  • "During a certain period of time" means that the Service is visible in Stebby for a period of time you have selected, which you can specify in the boxes created by pressing the button. This is required for seasonal Services. For example, if the season in which you provide the Service lasts until the end of August and you also want to sell Tickets during that period, enter the last day of August in the "On sale until" box. In this case, you must also indicate the last validity date of the Tickets in the box "Valid until" under the "Service can be pre-purchased in the environment" button.
  • “Limited number of Services” means that there is only a certain number of Services / products offered. You can set the corresponding sales limit or quantity in the box created by pressing the button.
  • “There is a limited number of Tickets in a certain period of time” means that there is a certain number of Services / products offered and it is only visible to Users in the environment during the period of time you choose. You can set the number and time period in the box created by pressing the button.

5. Decide if the Service can be purchased from the platform

  • Turn on the "Service can be purchased from the platform" button if you want Users to be able to pre-purchase it from the Stebby environment and contact the Service Provider if a Ticket is purchased.
  • If you want the User to be able to buy the Service only on the spot, leave the button unchecked. If the button is not activated, Users will not be able to pre-purchase a Ticket from Stebby and the sale will only take place in the Point of Sale, on the basis of a personal identification document.
  • "Number of Days" means the validity period of the Ticket from the moment of purchase. Depending on the Package you have chosen, the maximum number of days can vary.
  • "Valid until" indicates the last possible date of validity of the Ticket. If the “Valid until” date is closer than the number of days indicated (for example, 30 days), the last validity date of the Ticket will be considered the date indicated in the “Valid until” box. Required for seasonal Services.

6. Decide if the Service can only be sold at Stebby's cashier view

  • By activating the "Service can only be sold at the cashier" button, Users will not be able to find the Service in the Stebby environment and purchase it themselves. It can only be sold by the Service Provider through Stebby's cashier view.

Order of Service groups and Services

Service Providers who have chosen Gold package will have the opportunity to change the order of the Services and groups of Services to be sold. This gives you the opportunity to bring more attention to the certain Services, make your Services more attractive and increase sales.

  • To do this, go to the "Sales & Services" - "Order of services" view.
  • By clicking and holding on the lines in front of each Service group you can drag the Service groups to the appropriate order.
  • By clicking on the arrow at the end of the line, the Services belonging to the respective Service group are displayed and you can also sort them.
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