How to change the information of the Point of sale (POS)?

The point of sale information can be changed in the Service Provider's account in the "Sales and services" - "Points of sale" view.

In this view, click "Change Point of Sale" next to the point of sale that needs to be changed.

1. Make sure that the Point of Sale has  a name, e-mail address and telephone number!

  • The contacts under the point of sale are visible to the Users and these are needed so that the User can contact you if he/she has any questions related to the Service.

2.  "Booking system link"

  • Add information to the box if you want the User to make a reservation for the Service in the environment of your choice. The link with the need to have a reservation is visible to the User after purchasing the Ticket, in the notification received to the e-mail address and on the profile of the point of sale.

3.  “Point of Sale Keywords”

  • Enter individual keywords in the box provided that describe your point of sale. For example Physiotherapy, a swimming pool, gym, etc.

4.  "General information"

  • Enter the longer introductory information that will be displayed on the home page of the point of sale (important information for the User before using the Service). For example Pre-booking information on how to proceed after purchasing a Ticket, i.e “After purchasing a ticket, send the ticket code to the Service Provider”, location specification, parking, etc.

5.  Location of the point of sale

  • Enter as precisely as possible where the Point of Sale Services are offered.
  • On the interactive map on the right, you can determine the exact location of the point of sale by clicking on the correct location on the map. The system then automatically populates the location-related fields.
  • If the Service is not provided in a specific location, check the box "The service is provided regardless of the point of sale". For example: e-shop, virtual Service or counseling, massage takes place at the User's location, etc.

6.  Opening hours

  • Mark the days of the week and the times when the point of sale is open. The times and days are visible to the User on the profile of the point of sale and also in the search engine, which indicates whether the point of sale is open or closed.
  • If the Service is provided only by prior agreement, check the "Services are available prior agreement" box. This means that you are only open according to the bookings and the User must contact you to arrive at the Service or arrange an appointment using the booking link before arriving on site.

7.  Additional information

  • When you activate the "Hide from search" button, the point of sale will not appear in the search results, but the point of sale will still be visible via the direct link.
  • When the “User is informed about the possibility to extend the Ticket” button is activated, the User will be automatically notified after the purchase of the Ticket whether you have enabled the Ticket extension. This feature is available to Standard and Gold package owners. Read more about ticket extensions HERE.
  • The “API Key Not Activated” button allows you to connect the Stebby cash register to third-party cash register systems using the API key. For example: Mobi, Noom, CompuCash. The API key can be activated in the Standard and Gold packages, free of charge. The Starter package does not support API functionality. Read more about Packages HERE. You can learn more about configuring the API HERE.

8.  Deleting a point of sale

If you want to delete the point of sale, click the "Delete point of sale" button. When deleting a point of sale, the Service groups and Services related to the point of sale are also removed.

9.  Add a profile picture and cover photo

The profile picture and cover photo can be added by all Service Providers. You can do this by moving the cursor over the profile picture or cover photo and pressing  "Change avatar" or "Change cover".

10.  Add images and videos of the services to the profile of the service provider

Service Providers can also add pictures and videos of the Services to the Point of Sale to illustrate the Services of their point of sale. You can make changes in the "Sales and services" - "Sales locations" view by clicking on the " Gallery and videos" button next to the appropriate sales location.

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