How can I use my compensation provided by my employer in Stebby?

Stebby team points out that the absence of a personal identification number in Stebby's account may limit the use of services on site. Service providers will verify your identity document on site to verify your identity. Please add a personal identification code to your account.

Your company has created a compensation plan through which compensation will be credited to your Stebby account. You can use the amount provided by the company to purchase services offered by the service providers whose services have been compensated to you. In Stebby, compensated categories are set by your employer. On your Stebby account, you can see on the left which categories are compensated to you by the company.

In the system you will see a note next to compensated Services and you can also use the "Compensated" filter in the search.

If your company only compensates tax-exempt services, then there is a certain note next to the text "Compensated categories" in the menu on the left side of your account. A helpful guide on how to recognize tax-free services in our environment can be found HERE.

If you purchase a Service froma Service Provider's Stebby account, please also read the information on the Service Provider's account!

Service Providers will write on their Stebby account how to proceed after purchasing a Ticket (what information must be provided by e-mail, whether a date must be booked etc.). If the Service Provider has not added additional information to your account, then you can go on-site with the purchased Ticket and after showing identification, the Service will be provided to you. To avoid later confusion, you can notify the Service Provider immediately after purchasing a Ticket.

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