I created an Event Organizer's account, but it can not be found from the search?

Once an Event Organizer's account has been created, you can submit it to our Customer Support for review. All Event Organizer accounts are reviewed prior to activation to verify Event Organizer information and the overall appearance of the account. 

Before submitting your Event Organizer's account for review, please review the following important steps while in your Event Organizer's account:

1. Update your point of sale information in the "Sales & Services" - "Points of Sale" view. A guide on how to complete a point of sale can be found HERE.

2. Fill the "Settings" view with the requested information.

  • Name the account of the Event Organizer according to which the Event Organizer is known and searched for.
  • Under the "Billing details" subheading, enter your legal entity information. The company name must match the business registry code!
  • The subtitle "Bank account settings" must contain the details of the legal entity.

3. Add your first event in the "Events" - "Events" view. Longer guide on adding events can be found HERE.

  • Enter the details of the event.
  • Mark the location of the event.
  • If necessary, turn on the registration form.
  • Add tickets to the event.
  • Illustrate the event with cover and avatar photos.

  1. Add a profile picture and cover photo to your account that helps users to understand what your event is about. You can do this by moving the cursor over the profile picture or cover photo and pressing "Change avatar” or "Change cover"

    You can upload a cover photo to each event separately or you can just add a universal cover photo to your account which will then be used to illustrate you account and all of your events. To upload a cover photo to an event, go to "Events"-"Events" view, then click on "View as customer" and then click on the uppermost right corner of the cover image on "Change cover" and follow the instructions. To choose a universal image to your account, click on the uppermost right corner on the cover image in whatever view (except for the "View as customer") and follow the instructions. Size of the event cover image is 1020x300 px.

5. Select the package that suits you in the "Settings" - "Package" view. Read more about them and choose the one that suits you.

Once these steps are completed, you can submit your Event Organizer account for review. If the account is OK, we will confirm it in a few working days. We'll let you know if your account needs upgrades anywhere.

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