Invoices explanation

Services usage invoice (labeled Invoice)

Services usage invoices will be sent out to the Company no later than the 7th day of each following month.

If your Company's Stebby account is a prepayment account and not a deposit account, then these invoices aren't to be paid, meaning that it's merely an informative invoice.

The invoice details the total sum of services used by employees during the month and also the service fee which applies at the start of the month and also concurrently when additional employees' compensations are activated. Read more about service fee HERE

As stated before, services usage invoices are to be paid only by deposit client - otherwise the deposit will run out at some point and employees can no longer use compensation due to insufficient funds.

Proforma invoice

A proforma invoice is an automatically generated or a manually ordered invoice by the Company group's administrator. Proforma invoices are registered only when they are actually paid, meaning that there's no obligation to pay a proforma invoice. However ignoring proforma invoices might cause the Company's prepayment to run out.

How does prepayment work?

  • The Company orders a proforma invoice based on their needs.
  • After that proforma invoices are generated automatically based on the setting of the Company account's "Settings" - "Payment method" view. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address specified on the Company account's "Settings" view.

Prepayment on the Company's account is necessary due to the fact that the usage of compensation requires actual monetary funds on the Company's account. The necessary amount of prepayment is added to the account by paying a proforma invoice or using a bank-link. Stebby does not set demands on the amount of prepayment, however it's good to keep in mind that services cannot be used if the Company account's balance runs out. To prevent this, the administrator of the account can set up automatic generation of proforma invoices. The most popular option is "Personal responsibility", where the administrator can set up automatic invoices to be sent when the Company's balance falls to a certain point.

If your Company accepts e-invoices then an e-invoice will be sent as well. Stebby sends e-invoices to everyone that accepts them.

The proforma invoice also shows the Company's current balance at the point of time when the invoice was generated.


The receipt is a document that proves that the funds have reached the Company's Stebby account. A receipt is generated automatically upon the successful payment of a proforma invoice, after the funds have reached the Company's Stebby account.

Deposit (invoice)

After a deposit invoice is paid, employees are able to purchase services until the next services usage invoice is paid or until there's enough deposit left. The usage of services stops if the expenses of workers exceed the deposit sum. Deposit can always be increased or decreased by contacting Stebby's Customer Support at


  • The invoice payment deadline can be adjusted by the administrator in the "Settings" view. The necessary amount of days can be inputted in the "Payment deadline for automatic invoices (days)" field.
  • Services usage invoices are only to be paid by deposit accounts.
  • If you have added funds to your Company's account but they haven't reached the account for some reason and a receipt wasn't generated, let our Customer Support know about it by writing to us at
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