I created the Service Provider's account, but it can not be found from the search?

Once a Service Provider account has been created, you can send it to our customer support for review. All Service Provider accounts are reviewed prior to activation to verify Service Provider information and the overall appearance of the account.

Before submitting your Service Provider's account for review, please review the following important steps while in your Service Provider's account:

1. Update your point of sale information in the "Sales and Services" - "Points of Sale" view. This is the location where Users can actually use your Services. If it is a web service, you can make notes in this view. A longer guide, on how to complete a point of sale, can be found HERE.

2. Add Service groups in the "Sales and services" - "Service groups" view. Longer guide on adding service groups can be found HERE.

3. Add Services to "Sales and Services" - "Services" view. You can only add services once the appropriate Services group has been created. A longer guide on adding the services is HERE.

  • The normal price is generally the price applicable to the service. If you want to sell the product at a discounted price in the Stebby environment, enter the appropriate amount in the Stebby price box.
  • In order for Users to purchase the Service in the Stebby environment, enable the "Users can find the service on the platform" button.
  • If you want Users to be able to pre-purchase the Service, turn on the "Service can be purchased from the platform" button. Select the validity period in days according to the maximum specified in your package. This indicates the number of days during which the User has time to use his Ticket and you have time to mark it as used.

4. Fill the "Settings" view with the required information.

  • Name the account of the Service Provider according to which the Service Provider is known and searched.
  • Under the 'Billing Preferences' subheading, enter your legal entity information. The company name must match the registry code!
  • The subtitle "Bank account settings" must contain the details of the legal entity!

5. Select the package that suits you in the "Settings" - "Package" view. Read more about them and choose the one that suits you.

6. Finally, take the time to add pictures to your Service Provider account. Pictures can be added in "Settings" - "Media" view.

Once these steps are completed, you can submit your Service Provider account for review. If the account is OK, we will confirm it. We'll let you know if your account needs upgrades anywhere.

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