Guide for a new Company's group

You can create a Stebby account from within your personal account by clicking on your name at the top right and then choosing "Create New Group". From that point of view, you can always change the role in the future, because when you log in to Stebby, you are first in your personal account.

Once your Stebby account has been created, you can begin improving your Company account.

1. Create a compensation plan

  • You can add a compensation plan in the "Compensations" view.
  • You can create a compensation plan yourself or use the bottom of a monthly or quarterly plan provided by us.
  • In the compensation plan, you can specify the amount, period, and category of Services that employees can purchase and whether they can add receipts.

2. Add funds to your account and set up a advance payment account

  • Money can be added in the "Finances" view.
  • By clicking the "Add money" button, you can order a advance payment invoice for a certain amount, and it is also possible to pay directly through the bank link.
  • In the "Add money" view, you can also set up a form of payment by clicking on the entry next to "form of payment" in the left column and making your selection. The most common choice is "Personal Liability".

3. Be aware of when the company receives invoices for the use of services and how the service fee is formed

  • You can see invoices in the "Finances" - "Invoices" view
  • For companies with 1-3 employees a fixed rate of 10EUR per month is applied. For companies with 4 or more employees the service fee per employee is 3EUR per month. VAT is also applied to the service fee as per the local standard rate.
  • The money for the use of the services is taken from the company's account balance on an ongoing basis, therefore it is important that there is always a sufficient balance in the company's account to pay employee compensation + service fee.

4. Add employees to the group

  • Employees can be added one by one in the "Employees" view, as well as with Excel.
  • If an employee has previously created a Stebby account, their user will receive an invitation to join the group, which they must accept.
  • If the employee does not have an account before, a letter will be sent to his / her e-mail address about creating the account.

5. Tax Exemption Report

You can see the Tax Exemption Report in the "Finances" - "Tax exemption Report" view.

6. History of compensation transactions

You can see compensation transactions in the "Finances" - "Compensation transactions" view.

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